Thandi Mweetwa ~ Zambian Carnivore Program

Thandi Mweetwa grew up in Mfuwe, a small town in the Eastern Province of Zambia. Her first encounter with wildlife biology was when she was twelve years old. It became her passion, and through this enthusiasm, she ended up graduating from British Columbia with a BSc in Applied Animal Biology. This was followed by further studies at the University of Arizona, where she graduated with a Masters in Natural Resources Conservation. Her pivotal role at the Zambian Carnivore Program is as a community educator, senior ecologist, and — of course — an inspiration for other young women to walk beside her in the conservation and research field.

Josh Haigh ~ Contemporary Artist

Meet Jos, contemporary artist extraordinaire! Jos paints snorting rhinos, gentle elephants and haughty giraffes in an array of vibrant and extraordinary colours, and captures their charm in a fresh, contemporary style. Jos is collaborating with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation to raise vital funds for endangered wildlife by donating 50% of the proceeds of the …

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Marion Payr ~ Lady Venom

Meet Marion Payr, travel blogger extraordinaire with the most beautiful palette of colours in her captures from across the world. Marion discovered her passion for photography in 2011 when signing up on Instagram. After 3 years of strict #iPhoneOnly photography, she started to use proper cameras and is now a self-taught professional photographer. Since 2016 …

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Alice Péretié ~ #PhotographyForConservation

Meet Alice, a young and vibrant French Londoner that fell in love with Africa when she was 13, on a trip to Namibia. Her degree in Arts and Sciences at UCL, focused on Sustainable Development, Wildlife Conservation and Project Management. She is a freelance photographer, writing articles and supporting conservation through photography, and storytelling. Wise beyond her years, at 22, her passion and knowledge interlink as she draws inspiration from both philosophy and wildlife to create beautiful and influencing content. “Art is such a powerful medium for raising awareness, and funds.”

The Safari Sisters - Catherine Garden

Catherine Garden ~ Fennel & Fig

Meet Catherine, Chef extraordinaire with a trademark pure and sophisticated palette. Qualifying as a chef in 2000, this Durbanite took the leap to travel across Africa to expand her skills. She has several years building her culinary skills in the safari industry. Across KwaZulu-Natal, Timbavati, Serengeti, Grumeti and South Luangwa. There are many aspects to …

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Agata Passoni ~ The Safari Sisters

He loved working, being busy, leading others. I was invited to his table, allowed to speak, and was told I belonged. I always felt I belonged, up there, on the top. Losing him was life-altering, my universe changed, my centre of gravity was gone.

The Lead up to the Dream

For me (Agata), it’s a long-awaited homecoming. I grew up in Lilongwe, just across the border from Mfuwe, spending my childhood visiting the South Luangwa National Park at least once a year. In particular, when my grades were good, spending time at Kaingo. I didn’t think I would end up working here, let alone being …

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A Safari Sisters’ Sisterhood

I can’t believe January has come to an end, and that 2020 has already taken off! I realise that, though every time I start dedicating a few of my weekends to The Safari Sisters, and committing to “Do More”, I end up wrapped up with life and work, and never follow through! I could beat …

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