A Safari Sisters’ Sisterhood

I can’t believe January has come to an end, and that 2020 has already taken off! I realise that, though every time I start dedicating a few of my weekends to The Safari Sisters, and committing to “Do More”, I end up wrapped up with life and work, and never follow through! I could beat myself up on this, or, as many great people before me have done. I can pick myself up – dust myself off – and try again.

I keep mentioning to all that know me, that I want The Safari Sisters to be more than just wildlife pictures and selfies in the bush. My incredible job gives me the amazing possibility to network in a community that has become my extended family. The Safari Industry is such an enigmatic and eclectic pocket of people on this earth, all passionate about the places they call home and the wildlife they are privileged to see. The more people I meet in this industry, the more I realise that there’s so much potential for growth for the incredible personal projects that many entrepreneurs in the safari industry dedicate their souls to.

There’s something in particular that resonates with me; it’s when I meet fellow ladies attempting against all odds to grow and develop other women that are far less privileged. They are leading by example in an industry traditionally held only by men. The innovation these women have in creating new ideas that lead to female empowerment, engaging in concepts that piggy-back off the safari industry, to help communities that can be overlooked. From community projects, to fashion brands, to natural soaps manufacturing; each of these innovative ideas have been born in the hearts of the women that I am so blessed to know. They astound me in what their personal drive leads them to create. So I took a moment and sought them out. The first step was researching their projects/companies/roles, then evaluating the questions that were important to me for each of these incredible women from a personal point of view. The finally funnelling this information all to you.

I hope you’ll enjoy the outcome, and that you’ll give yourself a little moment in the day to read through each of the newest members of what I like to call – The Safari Sisters’ Sisterhood.