Projects: COVID-19 Support

Here is a list of some of the projects needing COVID-19 support. In the face of the implications of COVID-19 on everyone’s livelihoods, we have been working to support one another across our sisterhood. Here listed are some of the projects that have come about in this short amount of time. If you have a project that needs some assistance: be it consulting or marketing assistance, then please get in touch.

Fennel and Fig Cooking Course

Fennel and Fig is Catherine Garden’s Kloof based company. Turning any occasion into something special. Fennel and Fig creates a dining experience that is tailored to the individual. From intimate dinners, divine cocktail parties, extra special anniversaries, memorable birthdays and even the sneaky drop off meal when you are feeling overwhelmed! Fennel and Fig focuses on simple, fresh and delicious cuisine prepared using the freshest local ingredients and produce.

Our incredible Safari Sister, Catherine Garden, has setup something truly special! In the face of COVID-19, Catherine finds herself unable to travel to her camp, and begin her usual job as a safari Executive Chef. In light of this, innovation took place, and Catherine has designed a cooking class for everyone and anyone!

Join her in a 4 week course designed on simple and adaptable dishes packed with flavour, fresh ingredients and versatile for all occasions. These recipes are designed for all levels. A great base for those with less confidence and a wonderful addition of recipes and skills for more experienced cooks.

Learn more about Catherine Garden here.

Project Luangwa COVID-19 Emergency Funding

Project Luangwa is a charitable organisation formed by some of the Safari Operators of South Luangwa as a part of their commitment to responsible tourism.

Project Luangwa’s aim is to create an effective, coordinated approach to helping local communities improve their long term economic prospects, whilst preserving the wildlife and environment.

In these uncertain times, Project Luangwa main source of funding is non-existent. COVID-19 has shut down all lodges. All tourism to the area is at a standstill. Therefore they are not receiving the contributions they usually do through tourism.

Right now Project Luangwa could use your help. They want to keep supporting the community of the Luangwa Valley, and continue their important programs that help so many people every day.

If you are able, please click the link and donate. Thank you!


Conservation South Luangwa mission is to work with community and conservation partners in the protection of the wildlife and habitats of the South Luangwa ecosystem. It’s vision is for the long term survival of wildlife and habitats in South Luangwa under the custodianship of the Zambian people.

A large portion of the funding that Conservation South Luangwa receives is from the lodges operating in and around the South Luangwa National Park. Much like Project Luangwa. In the face of COVID-19 the support from these lodges are all dramatically reduced. Therefore any assistance they can receive will make a remarkable difference. In order to assist in generating visibility to Conservation South Luangwa, The Safari Sisters offered their marketing expertise, and the #CSLZambiaChallenge was born. We hope it brings a smile to your face.

Accept the challenge, then nominate 5 others to do the same. Don’t forget to tag @cslzambia and #cslzambiachallenge