The Safari Sisterhood

The Safari Sisterhood is growing

Working on introducing you to other incredible women on their way to fulfilling their dreams. If you know one that should be in this sisterhood, get in touch.

Agata Passoni

The Safari Sisters’ Founder

Found The Safari Sisters in 2017, and The Safari Sisterhood in 2019. Agata spent most of her childhood on safari, either in Kenya, Malawi or Zambia. She studied languages in Europe while honing her hospitality skills in the luxury sector in Venice. Life had plans for her, bringing her back to the motherland of Africa where she put her skills into practice first in Liwonde National Park, Malawi. Then in Luangwa National Park, Zambia. She’s now living in Dubai and working on enterprising The Safari Sisters to promote good in the world.

The Safari Sisters - Catherine Garden

Catherine Garden

Fennel & Fig ~ Founder

One of the first members of The Safari Sisterhood. After qualifying as a chef in 2000 Catherine Garden started work in the Timbavati, she took the leap in 2008 and left for Tanzania to work in the Serengeti. Spending four and half fantastic years at Grumeti Reserves, Catherine relished in the setup and food styling of the mobile camps, chef development and creating unique menus. At the end of 2012, she decided on a change and headed back to South Africa. Starting her own company, Fennel & Fig, focusing on the sophisticated yet fresh and pure flavours that have become her signature, in 2017 she joined Shenton Safaris to be their seasonal Executive Chef.

Kate Wilson

Mulberry Mongoose ~ Founder

Kate is the eternal cheerleader, vocally pushing Agata to move The Safari Sisters forward and assisting in the launch of The Safaris Sisterhood. Her journey to starting up Mulberry Mongoose was not straight forward. Growing up in London, her future was bright in the business world. Love moved her out to Zambia; where she was inspired by the raw beauty of the South Luangwa, it’s wildlife and people, Mulberry Mongoose was born. It is now a well-established business that is empowering women in the local community whilst protecting wildlife in the South Luangwa National Park.

Alice Péretié

#PhotographyForConservation ~ Freelance photographer & conservationist

A founding member of The Safari Sisterhood. Alice fell in love with Africa when she was 13, on a trip to Namibia. Her degree in Arts and Sciences at UCL focused on Sustainable Development, Wildlife Conservation and Project Management. These skills are key to her current work as a freelance photographer, writing articles and supporting conservation through photography, and storytelling.

Marion Payr

The Travel Blog ~ Founder & Editor

An essential to the starting of The Safari Sisterhood. Marion joined the travel blog scene in 2014; using her platform to shed light on unexplored travel destinations around the world. Her passion for photography was born from her joining Instagram in 2011, as Lady Venom. Since 2016 she can proudly call herself a “self-made” woman, as a full-time travel photographer and blogger.
Marion first came out to Zambia in 2019, where a love for the wilderness of Africa was born.

Thandi Mweetwa

Zambian Carnivore Program ~ Project Manager

Thandi a graduate from British Columbia and the University of Arizona where she earned her BSc in Applied Animal Biology and Masters in Natural Resources Conservation, respectively. Her pivotal role at the Zambian Carnivore Program is as a community educator, project manager/senior ecologist, and — of course — as an inspiration for other young women to walk beside her in the conservation and research field.

Paola Dal Bosco

Essential Zambia ~ Founder

Paola followed her passions taking the leap to come out to Zambia for a new life. She embarked on creating a skincare line that met her ideals; using natural sources and empowering local communities.
Born out of a love for Africa, Essential Skincare offers a range of products infused with the spirit of the continent. Through harnessing a powerhouse of plant-based oils and extracts from African species that have adapted to cope with the harshest conditions on the planet, a unique product range was born that could help your skin do the same.

Fwilane Janery

Project Luangwa ~ Sponsorship & Gender Manager

Meet Fwilane Janery, a heroine for the daughters of Zambia and beyond. Her work in menstrual health management endeavoured at enhancing the circumstances of women and girls in rural Zambia. Born and bought up in Zambia between Mfuwe and Katete. Fwilane has spearheaded a successful gender program, breaking down barriers and removing the stigma around menstrual health. Involving both young girls and young boys to have a shift in mindset in the youth in the rural areas where Project Luangwa is based.

Alice Paghera

Safari guide

One of the first call out members of The Safari Sisterhood. She found us! Alice was bitten with by the Africa bug when she was 18. She fell in love with the feeling. Everything was a source of happiness and contentment. The wildlife, people, culture and the magic of it all. She knew then at 18 that this was the beginning of her African adventure. At the end of 2016, she moved to South Africa to attend a course to become a nature field guide. In 2017, after months of searching, she had the amazing opportunity to be a nature conservationist field guide in the Republic of the Congo, Odzala-Kokoua National Park and the Sangha Trinational, a UNESCO World Heritage site, a collaborative protected area from the Republic of the Congo, Cameroon and the Central African Republic. Allowing her to be part of something spectacular, a project that links together ecotourism, conservation and research; where every single part of the project exists thanks to the other two.

Gemma D’Souza

Nyayo Magazine ~ Founder

Although Gemma D’Souza was born and raised in the UK, she has always been connected to Africa. Her father is from Kenya so, from a young age, her heart was stolen by Africa. Over the past five years, Gemma’s job selling high-end safaris across Africa, and creating content for a luxury travel brand has enabled her to travel extensively across the continent.

With this in mind, it is in that spirit of gratitude that Gemma created Nyayo magazine, emphasising the stories, challenges and successes of safari guides across Africa. Her aim was to share the aspects that are often overlooked – their infectious passion, their inspiring enthusiasm, and their never-ending knowledge.