The Lead up to the Dream

For me (Agata), it’s a long-awaited homecoming.

I grew up in Lilongwe, just across the border from Mfuwe, spending my childhood visiting the South Luangwa National Park at least once a year. In particular, when my grades were good, spending time at Kaingo.

I didn’t think I would end up working here, let alone being a manager. I left Malawi when I was 18 to study Physics in Italy, suffice to say that though I had a passion for the subject, throwing myself into studying a noble science in a language I had never truly learnt was not an easy task. After a year of attempting, it didn’t stick and I transferred to a much “easier” subject – off I went to study Oriental Languages and ended up working in the luxury and hospitality industry in Venice, Italy. Not a bad place to live, no, I know, but quite a bit different from home in Malawi, and everything I was used to and loved. One day, after far too many years away from home, I realised that I was doing a job that I could do anywhere else in the world. I had finished my course and ended up working in hospitality in Venice; firstly because it was the only job I could get, but then my passion for it grew. The revelation was, I could work in hospitality anywhere, and more specifically, back home. I quit my job and sent out my CV, not really the order you should do it in, but thankfully I had luck on my side!

Safe to say, I landed my job, and I love every second of it. I wouldn’t trade my current life for anything in the world. The beauty of the land I get to call home for short amounts of time every year, the warmth of all my ‘Uncles’ in camp, the incredible conversations with our guests, and of course the wildlife I’m blessed to see. For me, everyday is utter bliss.

The Safari Sisters was born in 2017, in an inspired moment on the banks of the Luangwa River. As the sun set, the last of it’s golden rays warmed us, and the thought was born. It was originally an outlet of distraction from our busy camp lives, to share our joys with the world. As the years have passed, it’s grown and changed. It’s incredible how all the pieces fall into place once you’re on the right path, I love where it is going and I can’t wait to show you more.